"Phantom Beef" in Kyoto

STEAK HOUSE OTSUKA in Kyoto Arasiyama

At STEAK OTSUKA, you can eat Murasawa Beef sirloin steak. Murasawa beef is carefully fattened with great care and time, and because only about 80 cows are shipped each year, it is praised as the ''Phantom Beef''.
In addition, you can eat A5 rank sirloin steak carefully selected for its deliciousness, limited quantity steak using rare parts of carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef, and carefully selected roast beef set and Short plate beef bowl.
We offer a great variety of dishes, always serving our best beef for each dish. Enjoy the best cuisine at "STEAK OTSUKA", which is open only during lunch time.

Murasawa, a mythical Wagyu with extremely low annual shipments.

Murasawa Beef, the legendary Wagyu Beef, is highly praised for its high quality, winning the top prize at competitions across the country every year. We carefully select and raise only the best female calves, change the roughage for each cow, carefully observe the condition of the calves, and fatten them with all our heart. Murasawa produced in this way is also called "Phantom Beef" because of its rarity. While approximately 7,000 heads of the world-famous Kobe beef are shipped each year, only around 80 heads of Murasawa beef are shipped each year. The brand name of Murasawa beef is the same as the producer's name. This is proof that the fattening techniques and thoughts of the producers are highly valued.


Opening Hours

Business hours / 11:00 AM~ 2:30 PM ( L.O. 2:00 PM )
Closed / Thursday‘s& Sunday‘s
Seats/ 30 ( 10 counter seats, 20 table seats)

STEAK OTSUKA accepts reservations using our reservation system. Please understand that only 10 people reservations per business hour are accepted. All other seats will be available on a first come first serve basis.

*Seats other than those listed on the reservation list will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers who have not yet made a reservation can fill out the list at the store from 9am. Please line up by 11am when the store opens. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be asked to line up at the end of the line.






この度、STEAK OTSUKA(ステーキ おおつか)”は、ホームページをリニューアルしました。京都の嵐山にて、上質な厳選黒毛和牛の希少部位を使ったA5ランクステーキや長野県産の村沢牛サーロインステーキなどを提供しています。



Roast beef set A
Roast beef set B
Short plate beef bowl set
Rump Cap Steak 100g
Rump Cap Steak 150g



Asahi Super Dry(500ml)
Mont Perat Special Selection Rouge 【Red】
Mont Perat Special Selection Blanc 【White】
Takasago【Junmai-shu】Dry type